Meeting Minutes

Setup Scholastic book fair this Friday at 12pm

– Caroline Lee, Iesha, Bijan, Teresa Olguin

– Need to get volunteers to work the fair, will send out spreadsheet for folks to sign up

– Start fair at least 1 day at 1:30 so lower grades can go

Harvest festival, moved to 11/10

– Need to get volunteers to setup games and food stands, will send out spreadsheet for this

– might need to adjust the schedule, Vern will look into making this a minimum day

– get food and small prizes to give away

– Who will be able to setup a station? Bijan Amini, Chantelle, Iesha, Kristine Anaya


Family Dinner Fundraiser night at Bossman’s tomorrow

10/28 Nacho Friday for teachers

– PFA will buy the nacho cheese bags

– get donations for nachos, nacho rings, chips, beans, etc

Next week we will budget for assemblies and field trips

– Look into anti-bullying, anti-racism, inclusivity campaign at Stipe

Measure P

– Money goes for school/facility improvements

– Let Vern know if you would like to support this, he can provide signs

– More info,

PFA Officers

Works with parents, teachers and staff to find ways to improve the environment that our teachers and students work in to help them to be more successful.

PRESIDENT – Conducts meetings, sets agendas, calendars, etc. Normally a 2-year term.

VICE PRESIDENT – Assists the President in his/her duties. Some minor responsibilities. Normally a 2-year term.

TREASURER – Drafts the budget, manages the bookkeeping, reports to the IRS, pays insurance, vendors, and reimbursements.

SECRETARY – Organizes the meeting agenda, takes notes and publishes the meeting minutes, updates the by-laws.

SCHOOL HELPER – Volunteers at the school during the day either in the office, teacher’s copy room, or other tasks as needed.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – For special events such as Harvest Festival, Cinco de Mayo, Book Fair and Walk A Thon, coordinates and schedules parents to different duties and times.

STIPE WEAR SALES PERSON – Run the inventory and sales of our t-shirts, etc.

CHEF – Organizes the food portion of our events.

FAMILY NIGHT COORDINATOR – Arranges for fund raisers at local eateries.

PARENT TEACHER HELPER – Works with a specific teacher to introduce the benefits of the PFA and to advocate for classroom wants and needs at PFA meetings.

EVENT VOLUNTEER – The PFA and school have many events that need parent participation, volunteer help, money takers, booth manners, candy deliveries, book fair operations, etc.

FIELD TRIP ADVOCATE – This person advocates to the teachers the use of PFA funds for field trips, including the big-sixth grade trips.